Tachometer Converter TachMatch TM-03


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TachMatch is a solution for making your tachometer work, when things just don’t match up like they did at the factory.

Did you do an engine conversion? Maybe change the type of tachometer drive signal by installing a different ignition? Install an engine with more cylinders? You don’t have to change your tachometer or instrument panel – you can install a TachMatch tachometer adapter into your car, truck or boat.

The standard TachMatch TM-o3  is used in most applications. It allows triggering from a coil ignition, HEI, MSD, and ECU tach output signals. It will directly drive most voltage-driven tachometers, as well as vintage tachometers, such as early Sun, S-W and Radatron units which are typically identified by only having two terminals on the back, labeled + and -. With vintage tachometers, the TachMatch is installed in place of the original sender module, which is no longer necessary.

This product can be used for all vintage BMW Tachometers.

Fits on:

All Voltage driven Tachometers


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