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For which services can you contact Ivo Christov BMW E28 specialist in Franeker? Below you can read what service we can offer you:

Purchase guidance and inspection

What do you look for when buying a classic? What wear is normal? What about the weaknesses, what are the advantages of your potential asset? Ivo uses his years of experience, so that you know exactly what you are buying. We can of course also fully take care of the entry at the RDW and registration.

International & transport

We buy and sell used and new E28 parts all over the world. We buy and sell at the right time via eBay, Marktplaats and other websites. We also arrange the import and export of complete cars for you. We have several personal contacts in America and a lot of experience with shipping cars.

Ivo is in possession of an E-driver’s license and a recent car ambulance. This allows us to pick up or deliver a car at any time. This also applies to purchases abroad and possible breakdowns.

Engine conversion

There are countless creative solutions to get the most out of your car. Loved the E28, but would you rather have more horsepower? Or a more economical engine? A conversion is often easy to realize. If desired, we can arrange the cars, motorcycles and materials that make the switch possible. Over the years we have worked closely with various specialized companies, so that a solution can always be devised.

We know how to call in the right professionals for every problem.

Engine management & electronics

We will solve malfunctions at the Motronic or ABS for you. We also repair on-board computers. For all kinds of challenges that have to do with wires and power, it is best to call for consultation.

APK & Align

Complete care of the mandatory APK inspection is possible; Thanks to specific knowledge, we can prepare your E28 quickly and specifically for the inspection. Alignment is an important part of the E28. We work with a specialist who performs this job. This is not done according to the book, but rather by feeling and the years of experience of this specialist.

Air conditioning

The E28 has a predecessor to the climate control when equipped with A/C. We can also maintain and repair this system for you if necessary. We deliver parts cheaply through American import channels, since air conditioning is standard there.


Also during the years of the E28, BMW started to see that audio and entertainment had become more and more self-evident in the car industry. This can be found in the E28 as the first 5-series with a hi-fi audio system with 8 speakers and a separate amplifier. That was a lot for that time, a real Blaupunkt Quadro Booster with 4x25W was adapted for BMW and integrated into the car. Tweeters near the mirrors and a special compo-set body with the BMW Sound System lettering were displayed on the parcel shelf.

Today there are very powerful amplifiers and high quality loudspeakers for a fraction of the price then that we can take the level to unprecedented heights.

Because we also like pure, tight and full sound, we are happy to advise you on this and we can transform your E28 into a concert hall!

RDW Export

  • Unsubscribe from export (incl. indemnification for license plate holder), RDW export documents. (no insurance and/or records) € 40
  • Export service complete, as above and incl. metal license plates and 14 days insurance € 150
  • Additional Customs document € 60
  • Additional CMR document € 20