BMW E28 Blade Fuse Box Upgrade Kit by Holy Grail Labs


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Upgrade your flakey, melty, and unreliable E12, E23, E24, or E28 fuse box.

Address one of the biggest causes of electrical problems in your classic BMW—the ancient and unreliable torpedo fuses.

This kit upgrades your E12, E23, E24, or E28 to modern, reliable blade-style fuses.

Compatible with standard / mini / low-profile blade fuses

Lower total resistance and won’t lose spring pressure over time

Prevents meltdowns!

LEDs show green for any circuit with power; red if the fuse is missing or blown.
LEDs can be enabled/disabled via a small switch on the board.

Includes sockets for four spare fuses

Fits under the stock fuse box cover

Includes a full set of blade style fuses


IMPORTANT: This kit requires the modification of the fuse box by removing the bullet (torpedo) fuse holders. Once the torpedo fuse holders are removed the new circuit board drops into the existing slots through the plastic.


Instructions can be found via this link


The “E28 Blade Fuse Box Upgrade Kit” is compatible with:

All BMW E12 models
All BMW E23 models built before September 1982
All BMW E24 models built before September 1982
All BMW E28 models






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