Sanyo Lithium CR14250 Replacement Battery for E23 E24 E28 E30 E32 E34 Cluster SI-Board


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Do you have problems with your (late style) SI-Board?

Did you check the voltage of your Sanyo Lithium CR14250 batteries?

Are they far below 3.0V? Then it’s time to replace them!


This is a set (so you will receive 2 batteries!) of the correct lithium cell’s for the later (1986 and on) BMW E23 E24 E28 E30 E32 and E34 instrument clusters, with the lithium cell’s.

If you need confirmation or more info just email us (with pictures of your old board please). And note which version you have.

The way to tell what style of cluster (early vs late) is by counting the RED number of LED’s:

3 RED LED’s in the line of 5 green and 1 yellow means you have an early type 1 cluster

1 RED LED in the line of 5 green and 1 yellow means you have a late type 2 cluster


Feel free to ask questions! We are on Instagram and Facebook too!


Attention: They do NOT replace the old style NiCd 1.2V batteries!

The old AA VARTA NiCd batteries were used on both the early and the later style cluster (even up to the BMW E32 E34 models).

Usually they were replaced through a dealer recall for a newer version with these CR14250’s. But make sure to double check!



Fits on:

BMW E23 E24 E28 E30 E32 E34 with 3V batteries


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